Talking Tales #1 Round-up – 13th April 2015

Talking Tales Set List - 13th April

The first ever Talking Tales went down a storm, with performances from an amazing bunch of talented writers that we’re overjoyed got up to support our first event.

Christie started off the night with some enthusiastic flapping of hands and irrepressible grins, introducing the wonderful bunch of Stokes Croft Writers behind the scenes, delivering Chris’ militant message of speaking into the microphone (while pressing her face into it herself in fear) and encouraging everyone to get involved with Finish The Line. Check out the inspired completed lines here.





 Listen to the Podcast!

We regret that, due to technical issues, the recording of ‘Mayfly’ by Mark Rutterford and ‘A Dark and Stormy Night’ by Angela Brooks are unfortunately not available. We’re very sorry and have slapped our own wrists. 


Part One

Christie Cluett - Talking TalesChristie started off the reading – in the spirit of not asking anyone to do what she wouldn’t – with How To Live in A Lift. A question on everybody’s mind…

Christie is one of the founding members of Stokes Croft Writers & writes humorous short fiction, while she struggles with her first novel. @nocluett


Kevlin Henney - Talking TalesNext was Kevlin Henney with On Taking Measures to Eliminate Fair Play.

Kevlin is a local writer who writes short stories and flash fiction that has appeared online, on tree and on air. He also organises the BristolFlash events on National Flash-Fiction Day — which, this year, is Saturday 27th June — including a workshop at Bristol Central Library and an evening of readings at the Lansdown.



LE Turner - Talking Tales

Lindsey Turner was up next with Golf Clubs, which draws on the world of burlesque, in which Lindsey used to perform as Tiger Tiger. She has since retired to focus more on her writing and so far that’s working out pretty well.

Lindsey, writing as L.E. Turner, can be described as many things. Amongst them – a nerd, a feminist, an occasional performer, almost an archaeologist, a blogger and slightly surreal writer of urban fantasy, gothic horror and science fiction. She is the author of Bristol-set Urban Fantasy come gothic thriller – About the Nature of the Creature. @robot_tiger

Pete Sutton - Talking TalesPete Sutton read the excellent The Witch’s House.

Pete is a Bristol writer and Book Blogger, one of the organisers of Bristol Festival of Literature, a contributor to the Naked Guide to Bristol, Contributing Editor of Far Horizons magazine and a founding member of North Bristol Writers, making it a surprise he has time for anything else!



Ellen Waddell - Talking TalesEllen Waddell closed part one with Pretending, reminding us all that kidnapping children is inadvisable.

Ellen Waddell is a writer, performer and film maker whose recently performed a one woman show about Star Trek. It involved her talking to a papier-mâché head of Jean Luc Picard for 50 minutes, and she is taking it, the show and the head, to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year.


The break was filled with a scribbling audience – completing the Finish The Lines – who did themselves proud.

Part Two

Mark Rutterford - Talking TalesPart Two was kicked off in style by Mark Rutterford with Mayfly, proving stories don’t have to funny to have real impact with the audience.

This close to Easter, Mark is made up of around 75% cocoa solids so he’s already on a high before doing what he loves best – reading stories to other people. His one New Year’s resolution was to write and perform more in 2015 – so far so good. The 2014 resolutions…eat less chocolate, create a website and finish the second novel…live in a darkened room marked Work-In-Progress.

Angela Brooks - Talking TalesAngela Brooks followed with a twist on the old cat lady theme with A Dark & Stormy Night. She has been writing from an early age and writes stories of fantasy, magic, murder – all have a twist in the tail!

She is also a poet, appearing locally in various venues reading her poems of love, lust and loss. She has published 2 Anthologies of Short Stories available from Amazon.



AA Abbott - Talking TalesThen AA Abbott was up, but only briefly, with a short piece of flash fiction Bristol Monopoly

AA (real name Helen) has worked for large companies for most of her life, and published two thrillers about murder and mayhem in big business. While she’s writing her third book at the moment, she also writes short stories and belongs to the Bristol Fiction Writers’ Group, which meets at the central library. They’re currently all writing crime stories so they can publish another anthology.


MelAnd then…. the night got a little sweary as SCW’s very own Mel Ciavucco performed Zombies on A Boat with an impressively fast delivery of brilliantly disgusting things by Christoper Fielden. Well done, guys. It brought the house down.

The End

Everyone at SCW is really thrilled at the support, both from the audience and the performers, and are looking forward to the next one!

15th June – get it in your diaries. if you want to get involved and perform your story.

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