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14th December 2015

jingle bellsThe Christmas edition and therefore as Santa demands for such events, all stories has a Christmas theme. Deck the halls…

Compered by Thomas David Parker, and featured the following stories:
1. ‘The Holiday Shift’ by Tim Popple.
2. ‘My Chirstmas List’ by Ellen Waddell.
3. ‘The Best Christmas Party Ever’ by Angela Brooks.
4. ‘Sunlight on Snow’ by Pete Sutton.
5. ‘Bloody Xmas’ by Steph Minns.
6. ‘The Bauble’ by Joanne Hall.
7. ‘Snow’ by Mark Rutterford.

24th October 2015

Set List - 24th OctTalking Tales rounds off this year’s Bristol Festival of Literature with the Speakeasy.

Compered by Christie Cluett, and featured the following stories:
1. ‘Eloquent Bear’s Locked Door Mystery’ by Andy Melhuish.
2. ‘Sketches of Jealousy’ by Joe Smith.
3. ‘Still & Always’ by Mark Rutterford.
4. ’52nd Birthday in Bed’ by Christie Cluett.
5. ‘Possession’ by Kevlin Henney.
6. ‘Cold Concern’ by Anita MacCallum.
7. ‘Death of a Superhero’ by Christopher Fielden.

This recording also features an interview with local author Tracy Alexander ( and live music from Long for the Coast (

17th August 2015

Set List - 17th August

Compered by Mel Ciavucco, and featured the following stories:
1. ‘Wonder Woman’s Birthday Party’ by Mel Ciavucco.
2. ‘The Story of Jake and Levin’ extract by Nick Edwards.
3. ‘From the Far Side of Twilight’ by Simon Waltho.
4. ‘The Machine Man’ by Kath Embling.
5. ‘Jago Comes to Dinner’ by A A Abbott.
6. ‘The Legend of Jack Downey’ by Angela Brooks.
7. ‘Self Expression’ by Mark Rutterford.
8. ‘A Fiction Affliction’ by Tim Popple.
9. ‘Night Reception’ by Andy Melhuish.


15th June 2015

Set List - 15th June

Compered by the wonderfully talented Andy Mehuish and lots of lovely readings from Steph Minns, Angela Brooks, Leah Eades – though not on the podcast, presumably because audio couldn’t handle how excellent her story was – Mark Rutterford (featuring voice for hire, Christie), Joe Smith, Tim Popple, Kevlin Henney, Thomas David Parker & Mel Ciavucco



13th April 2015

Talking Tales Set List - 13th AprilReadings from some amazingly talented writers including

L.E. Turner, AA Abbott, Angela Brooks, Ellen Waddell, Mark Rutterford, Kevlin Henney and Pete Sutton.

Christie was our compère, and she started off the evening with one of her own brilliant stories.

Mel and Chris finished on the horribly-grossly-funny-screamingly-scarily-ly-ly-ly Zombies on a Boat, which is featured in the ‘To Hull and Back’ Anthology.



Thank you so much to everyone for coming along and supporting the night, and thanks to our sound guy – Max.

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