Talking Tales #2 Round-up – 15th June 2015

Set List - 15th JuneAnother rip-roaring night for the second Talking Tales, despite competing with the temptation of beer gardens and the last episode of Game of Thrones.

We had another great set of local writers getting up and performing their short stories along a wide range of themes, from ‘Men in Love’ to clowns to a little bit of latin!

After I’d finished going on and on about the Talking Tales badges – the crowd was pretty excited! – the very talented Stokes Croft Writer, Andy Melhuish, got up to compere, leading into each act with an audience chosen piece of flash fiction, which they got to take home with them. Read the whole collection of Sunrise Bedtimes here.


He tried to make a cootie catcher (fortune teller?) – but didn’t get very far due to insufficient Googling skills… You know those things we used to make in the playground to insult each other with such classics as ‘You Smell’ (Brilliant, Steph!)

First Half

Steph Minns at Talking Tales

Steph Minns – Caulrophrobia


First up was Steph Minns with Coulrophobia

Steph has written short stories since her childhood, mostly in school notebooks covered in old scraps of 70’s wallpaper found in the loft. Steph is one of the members of SCW, and her short stories have been published by independant horror fiction publishers such as Grinning Skull , Almond Press and Dark Alley Press.


Who’s next?!


Angela Brooks - Talking Tales

Angela Brooks – Year of the Pig


Well, Angela Brooks with Year of The Pig

Angela visited this planet 2 eons ago and missed the last ship back. Next chance to travel back will be in 5 algotons. (I suspect she also writes sometimes…)




Who’s next?! (I’m going to stop this now..)


Leah Eades

Leah, carrying masterfully despite technical interference


Leah Eades with One Green Bottle

Leah Eades is a member of Stokes Croft Writers whose stories, according to her, usually end up being a lot more depressing than she intended. Tonight she’s going to be reading ‘One Green Bottle’, which was shortlisted for this year’s Fiction Desk Ghost Story competition, and which is going to be performed as a dramatic monologue at the Edinburgh Festival this August.



Mark Rutterford

Jonh & Jane


Then came Mark Rutterford (with voice for hire, Christie Cluett) with Reasons Not to Love Me

Mark writes in a specialist genre called ‘Men falling in love’. Although he makes light of it, Mark is determined to increase the global audience from its current level of…about…one. Since his last appearance at Talking Tales, Mark has been on a boat and was rather disappointed at the lack of zombies.



Joe Smith

Joe.. Smith


Then to round off the first half Joe (Byron) Smith with Museum

A man so mysterious I got his name wrong on the set-list (Sorry, Joe!)




The first half was closing with a reminder to Finish the Lines and a rousing of the already hysterical (well…) crowd with further mentions of the badges.

Second Half

This was started off with a little flavour of the literary genius of our talented audience with a selection of the Finish the Lines (See below for our favourites and the winner!)

Tim Popple

Tu Es Petrus


Tim Popple kicked off the second half in style – latin style – the dark tale, Tu Es Petrus

Tim is an adopted resident of Bristol. He runs Cannoli & Gun, a food and film event. He’d do more writing, but keeps getting distracted by food and beer.



Who’s next?! (Sorry)

Kevlin Henney

Aquarius? Pisces?


Kevlin Henney, in fact, with Star Signs.

Kevlin is a local writer who writes short stories and flash fiction that has appeared online, on tree and on air. He also organises the BristolFlash events on National Flash-Fiction Day — which, this year, is Saturday 27th June — including a workshop at Bristol Central Library and an evening of readings at Foyles, followed by a writerly trip to the pub.



Thomas David Parker



Then the man that apparently needs no introduction – and so got none, Thomas David Parker with Foraging For Bacon. Suitably attired for his hipster tale.




Mel Ciavucco

Mel Cermmode



Then to round of the performances, Chris Fielden presented Previously on Talking Tales (a quick snippet from Zombies on a Boat – which you can hear at the end of the first podcast in all it’s glory) as an introduction to Mel Ciavucco and her film review of the afore-mentioned.




Finish the Lines

We ended as always with some audience participation, reading out our favourite Finish The Lines – read them all here.

The winner won.. only, a bloody badge! The crowd went wild (well, more than they did at the pen set – that I ended up taking home…)

The Winner: Bob had been a Golden Retriever with a profile for 12 years and all he had to show for it was one date… the bitch.

Close Second: Martha didn’t know her but she was happy to receive her heart, not in love but literally her heart, not for a transplant but in a box, bought off the Silk Road, sold unwillingly, bought by a cannibal

Thanks and Goodnight

Thanks to everyone who made the night happen – the performers, everyone at Stokes Croft Writers, Tom from Leftbank for his encouragement and support and of course, Max the sound guy.


Pleased he can finally afford to eat


We’ll be posting details of the next podcast soon and then we’ll see you in September… with more badges.

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