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Newsletter #1 – 25 Bottles of Wine, a Sophie & Saving the World

Happy New Year. Everyone in Stokes Croft Writers Group is very excited about 2015. It’s January so we’re all convinced that this is going to be our year. By March, I predict we’ll be sobbing into our notebooks again at

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Starting a Writers’ Group

The Dramatic Beginning I moved to Bristol just after I’d finished the first draft of my first best-seller. Hiding away in a small room with minimal distractions, I’d written a masterpiece. I was the next Robert Rankin, but female. I

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The Day a Website Was Born… Sunday

It was a Sunday. I made a website. I’m very proud of the amount of effort mustered up on the day of rest. So much effort, that this post can not be sustained for much lon… (More posts with more

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