About Us

Leah EadesChris FieldenSteph MinnsMel CiavuccoChristie Cluett



  Mark Rutterford Thomas David ParkerNick Edwards

Once upon a time…

The group started in a mysterious location somewhere in Stokes Croft, when Christie and Mel were on the run from another writing group.

The others came slowly but surely, arriving on a myriad of transport: motorbikes, bicycles and the magical carpet of their dreams after they’d heard the irresistible call of the Writers Group.

What We Do

We meet every two weeks to share our writing accomplishments and not-quites, but also our work. Submitted the week before, each story is carefully read, dissected and given honest constructive feedback in a supportive environment. There’s no hugging afterwards though.

Our group is more that just some help with an ending, it’s learning to receive it but also to give it, which is alot harder that it sounds.

If asked, we’d all agree our writing wouldn’t be what it is without it. *sniff*

What About You?

Find out more about each member of Stokes Croft Writers, perhaps, see if you can join or showcase your talent at the next Talking Tales.


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