Newsletter #1 – 25 Bottles of Wine, a Sophie & Saving the World

Happy New Year. Everyone in Stokes Croft Writers Group is very excited about 2015. It’s January so we’re all convinced that this is going to be our year. By March, I predict we’ll be sobbing into our notebooks again at the cruel harsh life of a writer, BUT until then, let’s revel in some good news.

A Successful Book Launch

To Hull and Back Anthology


A short story competition judged, a book edited, proofed and practically bound together with Chris’ blood, sweat and tears, the rest of the writers group clung closely to Chris’ coat-tails and celebrated in style with a good ol’ knees-up book launch.


There was wine, homemade firey snacks, some incredible decorations and even a few stories here and there. Congratulations to all those writers included in the book, thanks to all those who came for the evening, to Foyles for hosting and to Chris for letting the rest of us get involved.

To Hull and Back Book Launch


We’re very excited for next year’s.




A New Member



We’re pleased to announce that Sophie Bishop has joined our ranks. A short story writer, who  is currently working on a YA novel and hosts the Stokes Croft Show and Tell night at Cafe  Kino.



Writing Successes

We helped to save the world, by entering the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize which plants a tree in Kenya for every submission. Christie has been shortlisted – so fingers crossed for February the 14th.

Christie was also shortlisted for the Mash Stories flash fiction competition in October, along with Leah.

In related news, Leah has thrown off the oppression of office life and is now self-employed as a freelance writer! You can follow her progress at

Steph has a short horror story included in the ‘Return to Deathlehem’ anthology, published by Grinning Skull Press. Proceeds go to charity and it’s available on Amazon. She was also shortlisted as one of the twenty five stories that appear in Almond Press’s dystopian collection, ‘Broken Worlds.

Mel had a short story published in Freedom Fiction magazine: ‘The Wickepin Hotel’, accompanied by some rather interesting illustrations, which Mel is still trying to ignore. She has also just finished the first draft of her screenplay and is now starting the laborious self-harming process of editing, and re-editing, and re-editing again, and again…you get the point. Fortunately, not only does she have the wonderful Stokes Croft Writers to help, but also a script writing group, and a professional mentor through the WoMentoring Project.

Just before New Year, Chris finished the first draft of his new book, ‘How to Write & Publish a Short Story’. It uses his published stories as case studies to help aspiring writers achieve publication. He hopes to release it during 2015.

So it’s full steam ahead for 2015, when we’ve decided we’re going to take over the literary world. We’re just shopping around for an evil lair at the moment. We’ll keep you updated.

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